Monday, March 18, 2013

Inside a Fairy Ring

He chanced upon a fairy ring,
Where elves dance and pixies sing.

Twas there he saw the little light,
That flew so high and shone so bright.

He knew it from the start:
Twas a fairy princess, bless her heart.

And noticing just then his glance,
She came round his ear, not just by chance.

Her tiny light was glowing blue,
He heard her laughter, proud and true.

With a glitter of pixie dust so warm
He saw her in her magic form.

She told him, “you can take with you, friend,
My magic is a gift, your fortune will not end.”

“But what“, he said, “of your life here?
Will you still sparkle if I hold you near?”

And because he dared not take,
What he knew would cause her heart to break,

All the elves came to dance, and all the pixies out to sing.
He was forever sacred, inside a fairy ring.


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