Monday, March 11, 2013

Blog Trauma

It has been called to my attention now, in no uncertain terms, by two separate people, who are both close to me, that reading about some of the things I've been through can be seriously disturbing.  Part of it is certainly that  they know me, and were the situation reversed, I can only imagine how horrified I'd be if similar types of things had happened to them.  But I'm aware that people are normally disturbed when bad things happen to people, whether or not they know them.  I'm now taking into consideration that a blog this raw is not the kind of thing you necessarily read everyday.  See, it's my life, so I'm used to it, and I'm used to talking about it with a psychiatrist, therapist or in group therapy.  I think that if you're involved in recovery and wellness programs, you might be used to hearing stories like mine.  In mental health facilities and twelve step programs this stuff is just par for the course.  What I'm realizing is that while I thought about the target audience for this blog being people who are experiencing the challenges of mental illness or substance abuse issues, people outside that sphere are reading it, too.  I don't want to bring anybody down, but I think it's so important to get this stuff out in the world and out of me.  I'm now hoping this blog will help people who are involved with people who are mentally ill or addicts / recovering addicts.  And maybe if this type of thing isn't in your life at all, it'll give you a glimpse of another slice of life.  I'll try to be funny and artistic, too, I promise, but yes, I'm keeping it real.   Thanks to all who come here and read, even if it's hard sometimes. It means more to me than I can say.  Also, I encourage comments and discussion.  I'd like this to be a safe place for open discourse about all kinds of issues.

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