Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wellness Chat

***NOTICE: Since this was posted I have discontinued the group described below.  Please read my next post on "What Can Happen When You Get a Little Manic."***

Please come help get the conversation started on my new Yahoo! group.  It's called "Wellness Chat" and you can find it at

I was actually looking for a group that discussed psychological wellness, especially something that would bring in all forms of mental illness and substance abuse.  I wanted there to be a place where folks suffering from these conditions could meet with their advocates and even professionals to help form a kind of online support group.

Most groups I find are either for folks suffering from these conditions or folks discussing about these conditions, but I thought that maybe if there was a place where we could all meet over the topic of maintaining wellness, maybe something positive would spark.

In any case, it's an experiment and an attempt to do something to help others as well as myself.
I hope that you'll come and join and share the word with others who might benefit!

To subscribe, send email to with "subscribe" in the subject.
See you there!

***NOTE: As stated above this group no longer exists.***

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