Friday, February 28, 2014

The Hidden Miracle

Do you know what I hear
When you say you have nothing to live for?

I remember me, telling myself,
There was nothing left for me
And trying to end it all.

I couldn't see the path anymore.
Or I thought there was one.
But I wrong.
And only by sheer luck
And the grace of God
Did I get the chance to find that out.

I know so many doors have closed for you.
I know that you're angry, frustrated and afraid.
I was, too.
I was so depressed.
I just couldn't see the point.

But if you can just learn to feel past the pain,
To cope with the losses of things so close to your heart,
You'll find new light.

I can't tell you what that will mean for you,
I just know that when you think you are over,
In your own time,
You have only just begun.

The first steps are the hardest,
But when you walk a little more
You'll be surprised how much joy there is to find.

Different doesn't have to be bad,
But sometimes it has to be.

So, please don't think there is nothing to live for,
Because there is -somehow there is.
The fact may seem hidden now,
But it's a miracle and it's true.

There is so much more to live for than you think right now.


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