Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bender? NOT!

So, I think I found a more positive way to avoid going on a bender when you just want to "check out" with drugs or alcohol.  Find something else to channel your energy into.  For me, I went for the "least of the evils."  I'm basically a vegan, so I indulged in a 5 cheese pizza.  It was really a change of pace that kept my mind off things and gave me an activity to share with my family.

The idea is that I wasn't enjoying my time, so I just wanted to get through it.  This is particularly hard when you have a mental illness, too, because emotional pain can make it difficult to reach out or do something positive.  But I realized that just getting out the house on a nice day and treating myself to something different changed my attitude.  Try to avoid crutches, though.  If you do decide to "indulge" in something, don't let that become a pattern in itself.  Try something different from what you're used to.

It also helps that I talk about my struggles with addiction to family and friends and they remind me how worth it is to stay strong.  I keep going back to the idea of a support network because it really matters.  If you're alone and you're addicted and trying to keep from indulging, I highly recommend that you find help.  Talk about your temptation.  Find something else to do that you enjoy. For me, it made a real difference!

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