Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Doctors Depend on Your Input

Recently, I've really been wondering how okay I am.  I can usually motivate to do at least some of what I have to do, and under the right circumstances I can do pretty well.  My therapist though, sees a bit of mania with a hint of irritation and overall a mild depression.  She doesn't think it's anything serious, but how do you know when you need to tweak your meds? Your doctor can help you to figure it out, but only if you help them, too.

Sometimes it's obvious, you might be in crisis or just having a really rough time, but sometimes things like mood shifts can be subtle.  Your doctor will listen to you, observe you, and try to help you make a decision WITH her. And that's the key.  You can't just expect that your doctor will have all the answers without your active participation in your own wellness plan.  I know a lot of people get put off by psych doctors and meds (I used to for a long time).  What I didn't realize is doctors depend on you to help them as much as you depend on the to help you.

I see my psychiatrist today, and she's been very clear with me that since there's no cure for mental illness, meds are a matter of trial and error.  I plan to try to explain how I've been feeling and see if she thinks I need maybe a slight change.  I know that I can count on her to discuss her observations and ideas and we'll come to a conclusion together.  I feel better knowing that I'm a full participant in my own wellness and I'm not just depending on the doctor to have all the answers.

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