Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mood Springs

The first daffodils of the season are finally blooming here in Cleveland!  They, along with some tiny violets are the beginning of life awakening from the cold this year.  I was excited to find them in the yard today suddenly.

I went outside the house and ventured around the yard today for only the second time this year.  I was helping my Dad with some spring cleanup and I realized I'd been locked away inside on my computer for months.  I joked with my Dad that since I came outside with him he had to help me write my blog post today.  He quickly replied that I should write about coming outside with him.  I thought that was brilliant.

It did me so much good to get out in the sunshine and see some signs of life around me.  It was good to help my Dad do some nurturing of our yard.  I felt more connected than I had in a long time.  It was an awesome reminder of the healing power of nature.  I am SO ready for warmer weather already!  I felt my mood improve in just the course of a few hours.  It's an important reminder that connecting with life helps lift depression.  

I know that many people get kind of blue and almost claustrophobic during the winter if you're stuck inside, but for the mentally ill, it can be especially challenge.  If you've got any kind of depressive disorder it may be time to venture forth and rediscover the world outside!

I'll try to post more pictures from the yard as the blooming continues and hope that my mood continues to spring as well.

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